How to Avoid a Sports Holiday Disaster

Every year thousands of people and sporting teams head off around the world to practice their favourite sports and activities. However, many of these holidays are destined to end in disaster, with illness, injury and damaged equipment being the top factors.


To help you avoid a disaster on your sporting holiday, here are our top tips;

• Check the weather before you book anything, you don’t want to arrive and find that any outdoor activities are impossible.

• Make sure you choose a decent location and resort; for example, if you are going skiing make sure your chosen resort has quality slopes, equipment for hire and reputable ski lessons.

• Always check your kit and equipment before travel to make sure it is still in good condition and still fits etc.

• If you are going with a group or team, make sure everyone has a valid passport, travel insurance and enough money to pay back the organiser for any pre-paid travel/accommodation costs etc.

• Always invest in quality travel insurance, and make sure it actually covers you to participate in your chosen sport or activity, if it doesn’t you won’t be covered for any subsequent bills.

• Always be prepared, make sure you pack a first aid kit including an antibacterial agent and re-hydration sachets.

• Always photocopy your travel documents and any other important documents or prescriptions before travel.

• Be careful if you are being active in hot weather for long periods. Always wear sun protection, keep covered up, wear a hat and sunglasses, drink plenty of fluids and take regular breaks in the shade. This should avoid sun burn and dehydration.

• Sports tours are known for their alcohol consumption, with teams celebrating wins or consoling losses. If you are travelling in a group, always be extremely careful when drinking or partying abroad. Remember that alcohol is usually stronger and the measures are larger abroad, if you overdo it you could face dehydration and alcohol poisoning.

• Make a list of important phone numbers, for example other members of your team, or a contact at your accommodation, just in case you get lost or need assistance.


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