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Transfagarasan highway

Top 5 Motorbiking Roads in Europe

Posted on June 04, 2018

We recently heard the following saying:

“Driving a car is like watching a movie, whereas riding a motorbike is like being in one.”

Here at Holidaysafe HQ this got us inspired to plan our next Motorcycle tour, so we’ve listed our favourite motorcycle road trip destinations.

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Top Cycling Destinations for your Favourite Activity

Posted on June 27, 2017

Planning a cycling holiday can be difficult – with so much choice how will you ever pick? To help anyone planning a trip with their bike, we’ve grouped our top destinations based on our favourite cycling activities, to help get you inspired.

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Cycle Activities to add to your Bucket List

Posted on July 13, 2016

If you’ve been well and truly bitten by the cycle bug, then why not update your bucket list with some amazing cycling themed experiences? From gruelling (but rewarding) physical challenges to adventures abroad, we’ve listed our top five favourite cycling bucket list worthy activities.


Take part in a Triathlon

Competing in a Triathlon anywhere in the world is the ultimate test of fitness and strength, combining swimming, cycling & running into one mammoth competition. Not only is a Triathlon a fantastic training goal to indulge and expand your sporting passions, but once completed you’ll have eternal bragging rights too. Join a local club to help get your training correct and on track.


Conquer the Hills

Hills are a true test of any cyclist’s fitness and character, so pick as many as you can with fantastic views and try to reach the top of each one. Start small, and then increase the challenge each time – the pain will be worth it for the satisfaction you’ll feel once you reach the top. The UK has some amazing cycling destinations, especially in Wales and Scotland, so start researching your next weekend challenge now.


Take part in a Race

Whether you choose to do a charity event against other cyclists or a sportive where you race against yourself and the clock, set yourself a goal and achieve it. Events happen around the world each year, so pick your favourite, book your spot and start training! Just remember to check your travel insurance before you depart, as mass start racing isn’t always covered, visit Holidaysafe’s dedicated cycling page for more information.


Ride a long distance trail

If you want to get outside more, perhaps with the family, then long distance trial riding is the perfect activity for you. The Tarka Trail in Devon is family friendly and spans Devon from the south to north coast, or you could try more challenging routes such as the Pennine Bridleway or the Mary Townley Loop. Plus, why stop in the UK? Start researching routes around the world and take in some amazing views.


Cycle in another country

Cycling in Europe is quite common nowadays, so why not set yourself a real challenge on a different continent? You could head to Australia, the USA, China or Thailand – the world really is your Oyster when you plan a cycling holiday, you just need to pick your destination, get your bike, pack a tent and head off! Just remember to invest in specialist cycling travel insurance before you depart.

Top 10 Sports Holidays

Posted on March 18, 2016

If your idea of a perfect holiday is seeking out adventure, adrenaline and challenging yourself, then a sporting holiday will be prefect for you.

However, with so many activities and locations to choose from, deciding on an activity holiday can be extremely difficult. To help you choose, here is our top 10 list of sports holidays;

1. Climbing Mount Everest – what better trip for an adrenaline junkie who wants a challenge.

2. Cycling in France – a great way to explore a beautiful country whilst being active.

3. Fishing in Canada – for true peace and quiet, and a chance to enjoy your sport totally uninterrupted.

4. Golfing in Spain – enjoy the beautiful weather and some relaxation on the course.

5. Hiking in China – again a great way to explore a beautiful country, hike the Great Wall of China and experience amazing views.

6. Horse Riding in Italy – a romantic past time, ride along stunning beaches in gorgeous weather.

7. Mountain Biking in Wales – adventure seekers should head into the welsh hills or mountains for some thrilling routes.

8. Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef – probably on most travellers’ bucket lists; diving in the Great Barrier Reef is an unforgettable and amazing experience.

9. Surfing in Australia – it just has to be done, enjoy the surf and have fun in the ocean.

10. Swimming with Dolphins in the Bahamas – another activity on most wish lists, such close interaction with these wonderful creatures will stay with any animal lover forever.

Just remember to purchase specialist travel insurance before you depart, to make sure you and your possessions are covered against a holiday disaster.

Sports Volunteering Abroad

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If you love sport, want to travel and improve your CV – why don’t you do some coaching or sport volunteering abroad?

Volunteering in another country is an amazing experience. Not only will you be offering genuine help to a less fortunate community, you will also meet some wonderful people, have the opportunity to travel and gain priceless life and CV experience.

There are now hundreds of charity projects running throughout the world, whether you want to work at a summer camp or specialise in a certain sport, for example football or tennis, there are charity projects in Europe or further afield to suit you.

To give you some ideas, you could potentially coach;

• Athletics in Brazil

• Basketball in Peru

• Cricket in South Africa

• Football in China

• Hockey in Argentina

• Rugby in Ghana

• Surfing in Costa Rica

• Tennis in Australia

• Volley ball in Spain

• Or Water Sports in the USA

You just need to decide which charity project most interests you and where you are willing to travel. The internet is full of websites and organisations that can organise the whole trip for you, but just make sure that you fully research the country, project and website before you commit to anything.

Also remember that some companies or projects may want you to have coaching qualifications or Criminal record checks before you travel.

Once you have worked on a charity project, the people, country and charity will remain close to your heart forever, it is always a wonderful and humbling experience.

How to Avoid a Sports Holiday Disaster

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Every year thousands of people and sporting teams head off around the world to practice their favourite sports and activities. However, many of these holidays are destined to end in disaster, with illness, injury and damaged equipment being the top factors.


To help you avoid a disaster on your sporting holiday, here are our top tips;

• Check the weather before you book anything, you don’t want to arrive and find that any outdoor activities are impossible.

• Make sure you choose a decent location and resort; for example, if you are going skiing make sure your chosen resort has quality slopes, equipment for hire and reputable ski lessons.

• Always check your kit and equipment before travel to make sure it is still in good condition and still fits etc.

• If you are going with a group or team, make sure everyone has a valid passport, travel insurance and enough money to pay back the organiser for any pre-paid travel/accommodation costs etc.

• Always invest in quality travel insurance, and make sure it actually covers you to participate in your chosen sport or activity, if it doesn’t you won’t be covered for any subsequent bills.

• Always be prepared, make sure you pack a first aid kit including an antibacterial agent and re-hydration sachets.

• Always photocopy your travel documents and any other important documents or prescriptions before travel.

• Be careful if you are being active in hot weather for long periods. Always wear sun protection, keep covered up, wear a hat and sunglasses, drink plenty of fluids and take regular breaks in the shade. This should avoid sun burn and dehydration.

• Sports tours are known for their alcohol consumption, with teams celebrating wins or consoling losses. If you are travelling in a group, always be extremely careful when drinking or partying abroad. Remember that alcohol is usually stronger and the measures are larger abroad, if you overdo it you could face dehydration and alcohol poisoning.

• Make a list of important phone numbers, for example other members of your team, or a contact at your accommodation, just in case you get lost or need assistance.


Hiring and Riding Motorcycles Abroad

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Whether you are a seasoned rider or a complete novice, riding a motorbike abroad offers an unrivalled adventure. From the winding heights of the Stelvio pass in Italy to the Mediterranean coastal roads around Monaco, there is a world of beautiful destinations just waiting to be explored on two wheels.

Motorcycle in the Himalayas, India

Many riders who opt for a riding holiday will use their own bikes, but depending on your destination and planned routes, this may not always be the best option. Routes further afield or those not part of the continent will require your bike to be shipped to your chosen destination.

Not only can this be very expensive, but you also run the risk of potential damages and losses due to theft while in transit. Not to mention the added stress of dealing with multiple border crossings. As a result, more and more riders are deciding to hire or buy bikes abroad for their specific trip.

Hiring or Buying a Motorcycle

The type of bike you should look for depends entirely on your destination, your riding experience, how long you will be riding and what you will be carrying.

On a long trip, the difference between a sports bike and a large touring bike will be a huge factor, so to ensure you have an enjoyable ride take some time to make the right decision.

Depending on your destination, the selection of bikes available may be limited to you. Different countries have different laws regarding bike rentals and you should do your research before booking anything.

If you can afford the initial payment, often buying a bike outright when you reach your destination can be the most cost effective option; riding the bike for the duration of your trip and selling it before you return home.

Understand your Environment

One of the most obvious differences when riding abroad is you will be on the “wrong” side of the road. This may not sound like a huge difference, but it can take everything you take for granted when riding and turn it on its head.

Riding on the opposite side of the road is not the only adjustment you will need to make to your riding. If you have never ridden abroad before you will quickly learn that every country has its own particular style and pace, this is something which is very important to be conscious of when on the roads.

Roads in many countries can be much busier and chaotic than roads in the UK. Take some time to adjust by sticking to simple roads with less junctions and crossroads until you feel confident enough to get underway.

Respecting Local Laws

Adjusting to driving habits of other road users is an important step, but equally important is understanding and respecting the laws of your chosen destination.

Many motorists forget that when you cross a border you are governed by a completely different set of road laws. Understanding these laws will help you avoid any unnecessary trouble.

While most EU countries enforce laws on wearing safety helmets, some countries (including the US where these vary from state to state) have more relaxed laws.

Regardless of the laws where you are riding, it is always advised to protect yourself as much as possible. Safety helmets and protective clothing including leathers are always recommended.

Insurance cover

A big part of hiring any vehicle abroad is insurance cover. There are lots of providers, lots of compare site and more motorcycle hire companies that will all be offering full comprehensive motor insurance. When choosing an insurance provider make sure you read all the small print, you may be covered in most circumstances, but then charges extra for all scratches or wheel damage.

See our motorcycle travel insurance cover, for more details call or email our team, we’re always happy to help.

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