How to Plan a Flawless Last-Minute Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycle holidays are the perfect last-minute trip, as you can simply jump on your bike and go! To ensure you have a fantastic motorcycle trip, just follow the top tips below from our touring experts;



Top Motorcycle Holiday Destinations

To avoid any issues with visas and alike we suggest heading to Europe, and the following destinations offer an array of sunny roads just waiting to be explored;

Top Tip! Before you depart for your trip, always check local laws and customs to avoid being caught out. For example, in France it is illegal for any vehicles (including bikes) to not carry a breathalyser at all times.


Famous for many fabulous routes and trips across the country, there are many cities you can visit along the way such as Bologna which we have featured, Florence and even Tuscany.


The birthplace of Ducati, it is a must see for many bikers. Ducati have also opened a museum in the city that boasts their headquarters which is where the museum is located.



You can visit the museum and also have a guided tour of the factory which takes roughly 60 minutes and costs €30 each. However, if you are a Ducati Owner, make sure you take your card with you as you get a reduced rate of €20!

For all opening times and prices click here. You can book online here or show up on the day.

Hotels average at around £71 for a 3-star hotel and £377 for a 5-star hotel, and flights take just over 2 hours from London costing on average £145. (If you fancy hiring a bike there or if your family are joining you at a later date.)

Obviously, there are many more things to see and do than the museum, such as Neptune’s fountain, the Main Square and Piazza Maggiore to name a few.

For more information on the many tours you could go on to get there as well as other wonderful cities in Italy, head here:


Although busy in the summer months, Spain still offers some brilliant places just waiting to be explored by bike. If you have time, try heading for places like Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid.

Top Tip: Don’t miss The Alpujarras in Nevada!


One of the best parts of Valencia is Alcala del Jugar which you can reach by riding through Castilla de la Mancha. The road then becomes a steep ravine with an amazing view – perfect for bikers.



Also look into Benageber and Teruel for other great biking routes.


Taking just over 2 hours flight time with an average cost of £133, and hotels ranging from £73-£175 per night – If you wanted your family to meet you there, it wouldn’t be too expensive.

There is so much to see and do in Valencia and Spain in general that you will never be stuck for ideas or places to eat!

For more information on the many tours you could go on to get there as well as other wonderful cities in Spain, head here:


Beautiful Mountains and quaint villages await around every bend in Switzerland – explore as much of it as you can!

Highlights have to be The Alps due to the high peaks and windy roads!

The Alps

As the highest and most extensive mountain range in Europe, it is a favourite among bikers. Stretching out across 1,200 km, over eight countries and with over a hundred peaks reaching 4,000m it is a dream destination.



It is said that it is best to travel to the Alps either early spring or late autumn to avoid the tourist crazy rush.

You need to allow plenty of time, at least two weeks to fully get the Alps experience.

Schedules and Timings

Don’t forget to leave plenty of time to reach the port or station before your scheduled departure time.

Remember, just because you’re avoiding the airport does not mean you definitely won’t be victim to delays! Allow extra time in your planning for traffic and queuing when you arrive.


Lastly, Take a Break! Make sure you factor in rest stops for food, drink and toilet breaks as well as potential picture opportunities.

Your Pride and Joy

It goes without saying that you should always give your bike a good service before embarking on any long trip. Check that all of your lights are working, that your tyres are in good condition, and there is nothing wrong with the breaks or electrics. Just in case, you should always carry a small tool kit with you for road side maintenance.
Once your bike is on board the ferry thick foam pads should be placed around it to prevent any damage by the heavy-duty ratchet straps and chocks which are used to hold it in place. A member of crew should be around to help you with this, to ensure the bike does not topple over during the trip and cause damage to itself or anything else.

Motorcycle Travel Insurance

Even if your trip is last minute, you should never leave home without having the correct cover in place…

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