Sports Volunteering Abroad

If you love sport, want to travel and improve your CV – why don’t you do some coaching or sport volunteering abroad?

Volunteering in another country is an amazing experience. Not only will you be offering genuine help to a less fortunate community, you will also meet some wonderful people, have the opportunity to travel and gain priceless life and CV experience.

There are now hundreds of charity projects running throughout the world, whether you want to work at a summer camp or specialise in a certain sport, for example football or tennis, there are charity projects in Europe or further afield to suit you.


To give you some ideas, you could potentially coach;

• Athletics in Brazil

• Basketball in Peru

• Cricket in South Africa

• Football in China

• Hockey in Argentina

• Rugby in Ghana

• Surfing in Costa Rica

• Tennis in Australia

• Volley ball in Spain

• Or Water Sports in the USA

You just need to decide which charity project most interests you and where you are willing to travel. The internet is full of websites and organisations that can organise the whole trip for you, but just make sure that you fully research the country, project and website before you commit to anything.

Also remember that some companies or projects may want you to have coaching qualifications or Criminal record checks before you travel.

Once you have worked on a charity project, the people, country and charity will remain close to your heart forever, it is always a wonderful and humbling experience.

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