Most Common Travel Misconceptions

Travelling is often shrouded in misinformation and unfortunately this can lead to people being put off visiting certain places, or travelling altogether.

A lot of the confusion around travelling comes from stories and hearsay from travellers who have had bad experiences. While it’s unfortunate when travellers run into problems, it is not usually a true representation of the destination or type of trip they are on.

To help put some of the most common travel misconceptions to rest, we have made a handy little list for you.

I can’t afford a holiday

How many times have you said this? It’s easy to get into the frame of mind that a holiday will cost thousands of pounds and is simply out of your reach, but this doesn’t need to be the case.

Holiday companies fight tooth and nail for your business and thanks to the fierce competition prices are often slashed to attract customers. This means you should keep your eyes open for great deals as you can pick up a bargain.

It’s always good to remember that a holiday doesn’t need to be an all expenses trip to a luxurious island somewhere; some of the best holidays are those where the experience is much more important. Low cost holidays such as backpacking are a great way to see the world without it costing the world.


Travelling alone is unsafe

While there are some obvious destinations which you should avoid when planning your holiday, traveling alone is not something which is dangerous if you are sensible. Backpacking is popular with solo travellers, giving them the freedom of exploring at their own pace while having the option of meeting fellow travellers in the numerous hostels and accommodation offered to backpackers.

If you are travelling alone it is advisable to tell someone where you are heading and provide rough dates of when you plan to arrive at each stop. This will help your friends or family track where you are and ensure that someone can be alerted should you not check in or get in contact due to an emergency.


Eating local food will make you sick

One of the most common misconceptions you will hear about travelling abroad (specifically India or Asia) is that if you eat the local food you will come down with some kind of sickness. This is obviously not the case. Often eating the local food is better prepared, fresher and much safer than eating any western equivalents they offer.

The only exception is the water in some countries may not be as clean as it is in the west, it is advised that you use bottled water for drinking to avoid any nasty bugs.

Don’t be afraid to buy food from the local street vendors and stalls. Look for the ones which are busy and used by locals as this will generally mean they supply the best quality.


Travel insurance is a waste of money

Ok so we may be biased here, but travel insurance is something which is hugely important when planning your trip. While you may be tempted to leave it out to cut costs, not having sufficient cover is something which could set you back a considerable amount.

When travelling outside of the UK you leave behind the benefits of the NHS, so any form of medical treatment no matter how small is probably going to cost you.

Some types of holidays obviously pose a significantly higher risk of injury, with skiing and snowboarding for example, specific winter sports insurance is required to cover the increased risk of injury.

Don’t let anything get in the way of enjoying a well-deserved break, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Be sure to check our Tips & Advice section for all your travel information needs.

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