Attention: Not Going on Holiday is Bad for your Health

A shocking majority of us do not take our annual holiday allowance, and instead let our precious days off fall to the way side. However, now there is a medical reason to ensure you take every last day – not going on holiday is bad for your health.


Well, to be more accurate not taking time off is bad for your health, but it is still a great reason to plan more rejuvenating adventures and relaxing holidays.

Back in 2012, healthcare charity Nuffield Health teamed up with tour operator Kuoni to conduct ‘The Holiday Health Experiment’, which aimed to find out the real effects of too much work and not enough play.

12 volunteers were subjected to a range of physical and psychological tests, which found that people who didn’t go on holiday had higher blood pressure, bad sleep patterns and aggravated stress levels. On the other hand, people who did take a break reported a positive impact on their physical and mental health, with the benefits lasting up to months after the holiday had finished.

The results of the study seemed to prove that holidays increase our ability to cope with stress, whilst also improving sleep which is important for immune system function, and lowering blood pressure which can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

You have the evidence, so all you need to do now is ensure you use up all of your annual leave this year, and book lots of lovely time off to help you relax. Visit for award winning travel insurance to ensure your stress levels stay low if you face a holiday disaster.

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