The Best Coffee around the World

With over 400 Billion cups of the good stuff consumed every year, coffee is by far the most popular choice of drink. In the UK alone, we drink 70 million cups of coffee a day according to Gimoka (source) Today we are going to look at the best places around the world for a good cuppa!


Wherever you are travelling to, the locals will have their very own way of making and drinking coffee.


Turkey –

Traditional Turkish coffee, known as Türk kahvesi to the locals, is a rather strong flavour.

Made with ground coffee beans and sugar if necessary, they boil it as slowly as possible.

The cezve is placed over the heat and boiled numerous times and poured into small ornate mugs.

Austria –

Very similar to a cappuccino, the Wiener mélange is made with a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk and foam.

Alternatively you have the option of a kaisermelange, a shot of espresso topped with honey-egg yolk mix and whipped cream.

Greece –

The Frappé is notoriously made with instant coffee, water and sugar, depending on taste.

Having now come across to the UK in the majority of coffee stores, with many flavour variants.

This is the original, and is perfect in the summer.

Spain –

Café Bombón is a layered drink made with condensed milk and espresso.

Typically, the espresso is poured in first, with the milk to be poured in gently to create the layers.

Think of it like an Irish coffee, just with no alcohol.

Germany –

This is one for any rum drinkers out there.

Made using dark rum, strong coffee and whipped cream to make the Pharisäer.

Traditionally, you are not supposed to stir the drink and it is served in a large glass tumbler, but a mug would work too.

Rest of the World

Australia –

Known for the best flat white around, having supposedly originated there back in the 80’s.

This is usually made with a double shot of espresso, with foamed milk added on top.

Coming across to the US and UK from 2005 onwards, now the whole world enjoys a delicious cup whenever they wish.

India –

Made by mixing together frothed milk with the remains of finely ground coffee powder and known as Kaapi.

Brewed using a traditional metal filter and then served in a stainless steel tumbler. A dabarah is also served which is used to cool the coffee.

 Cuba –

Called a Café Cubano, a Cuban take on the Italian classic.

Made using espresso, brewed directly onto sugar. Alternatively, it is mixed with the grounds to ensure it is caffeine packed!

If you are not a fan of black coffee, you can ask for it with milk, called a Cortadito.

Mexico –

The Café de Olla is a very sweet coffee made with ground beans, cinnamon and unrefined cane sugar.

In keeping with tradition, this is always made in traditional earth clay pots to ensure the special flavour this coffee brings.

Mainly consumed in the rural, more cooler areas of Mexico, but you should be able to find it in most café’s.

Ethiopia –

Coffee beans are roasted over an open flame and then hand ground in a mortar and pestle. Once emptied into a ‘jebena’ with water and boiled over the fire.

If you have been invited to a local’s home for coffee, you should bear in mind that you will need to stay for three cups as the third cup is considered a blessing.

Here at Holidaysafe, we love a good cup of coffee and are seriously considering changing our bucket list to include a few of these destinations to taste these coffees!

Germany is first on our list, how about you?

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