Staycation, staycation, staycation – Where to head in the UK

It’s all about staycations at the minute with a lot of uspreferring to explore what’s around us, rather than venturing abroad. Whetheryou’re considering a short weekend away, a week of relaxation or would love to experiencea local trip with your family, here is our guide on where to head in the UK forthe best staycation.

Kent Coast

Kent, or also known as ‘The Garden of England’ has more tooffer than first meets the eye. The coastline especially is often forgot aboutbut boasts some of the best beaches across the UK. From the pebbled stonedbeaches of Whitstable and Herne Bay to the sandy shores of Thanet. Whetheryou’re looking for a few days to escape the city air or to enjoy some fish andchips on the sands, the beaches along the coast have something to offereveryone.

Thanet is famous for the gorgeous coastline trail startingfrom Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour through to Broadstairs, Margate and all the wayup to Minnis Bay. There are plenty of different beaches including the mostpopular, Viking Bay in Broadstairs to quieter bays such as Stone Bay, Palm Bayand Joss Bay. Its home to many towns, villages, WWII tunnels, plenty activitiesto do and family-run restaurants.


The country’s capital, London is bursting with excitement,fun and adventure wherever you head. Whether you’d like to experience thebustling hub of Central, visit the Tower of London or learn more about the country’shistory in the many museums, scattered all over the city, you wouldn’t fallshort of things to do.

As one of the world’s greatest cities, there’s something foreveryone, despite your budget. From hitting up the West End and seeing someamazing musicals, roaming around the many art galleries, visiting local streetmarkets, shopping ‘til you drop in Oxford Street to dining in the vastselection of restaurants dotted all over the capital, it’s ideal for a weekendstaycation. And, London has the busy an exciting appeal that no other city does.

Scottish Highlands

If you’re a fan of walking, stunning scenery, whiskey and charmingpeople, this destination has everything you’re looking for. The ScottishHighlands has that dose of quietness and relaxation which will make for adreamy week away from your usual busy day-to-day life activities.

It’s home to Britain’s’ largest national park, the Cairngorms,the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis and the famous Loch Ness, one of themost renowned lakes in Britain. If that isn’t enough to sell you to thisabsolute paradise, the Highlands also boasts many incredible castles and has avastly sparse population, offering you a serene and quiet getaway.

Not only will you experience unforgettable scenery, theScottish Highlands is home to making some of the world’s best malts. And thatmeans, after a day of hiking, you can sit back in your holiday home and cheersto a shot of the finest whiskey.

The Cotswolds

Charming, colourful and peaceful, the Cotswolds is anidyllic location for all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for a quiet fewdays of luxury dining, roaming around picturesque villages and churches, orlooking to learn some history and visiting Castle Combe, the destination isbursting with new things to get up to.

The picture-perfect postcard location offers nearly 800square miles of unspoilt countryside, plenty of manor houses, and buildings towitness, the town of Cirencester, dating back to Roman times, the area ofBibury and Burford, known for its wool production and bucket loads of historyto learn wherever you look. The luxurious location will make you feel likeyou’re in a TV set, admiring the sights in every direction.

Isle of Wight

A classic staycation destination for any Brit, the Isle ofWight will not go amiss with the selection of things to see and do. Located offthe south of coast, the Isle of Wight is renowned for its beach scene, over 57miles of coastline, fossil finds and quaint harbour towns. Explore the medievalhistory in Carisbrooke Castle, roam around the nature park of Robin Hill orvisit the royal residence of Osbourne.

If you’re travelling with a family, Blackgang Chine is anactivity to be top of your list. The oldest amusement park in the UK is nowhome to a series of magical themed lands which rides and lots of activitieseveryone can enjoy.

The New Forest

The New Forest is an idyllic staycation holiday forfamilies, nature lovers and those who would like to experience the quieter sideof life for a few days away. Located in southern England, The New Forest is oneof the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pastureland, across southwestHampshire and southeast Wiltshire.

The stretch of scenery is enough to keep you occupied withhiking and nature walks for your time in The New Forest, however, there is alsoa vast collection of activities you’re able to get up to. The National MotorMuseum of Beaulieu, Hurst Castle, Palace House and the Steam railway will makefor many itinerary days’ worth of fun to do. If you’ve got smaller childrentravelling with you, Paultons Park Home of Peppa Pig is also something to addto the agenda.


One of the top and favourite locations for a staycation hasto be the picturesque county of Cornwall. Sandy beaches, clear waters and anincredible surfing scene, the coastline of Cornwall is only one reason tovisit; there are plenty more things to get up to.

Nature lovers will be in their element with Lands End toexplore, Saint Michael’s Mount, The Lost Gardens of Heligan and the EdenProject. Cornwall also is a hub for National Trust buildings, museums,waterfalls, amusement parks and much more. Whether you’re travelling with yourwhole family, on a long weekend with your over half or glamping with yourfriends, the county has more than enough to please every traveller.


The largest city in Somerset, Bath is famously renowned forits ancient-built baths which date back to AD43. If you’re more of a city loverrather than a seaside fan, Bath will be right up your street and is the idealsize to explore for a weekend staycation.

The city is home to medieval buildings, picturesque architecture, gorgeous winding streets to roam around and a brilliant dining scene. Whether you’re looking to spend a day relaxing in the baths, dabble into Bath’s history or find the streets Bridgerton was filmed, the city is an education and scenic opportunity to learn and experience everything UK history has to offer.

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