The World’s Best Airline

With so much choice available, it may be difficult to know which airline to choose to whisk you away on your once-in-a-lifetime trip. Should you look at price alone and risk a bad experience? Or pay a little extra for an amazing in-flight experience?


Thanks to a website called, you no longer have to wonder. The website decided to take all the hassle out of choosing the best airline, by rating them all and announcing the best the world has to offer in several categories., which is endorsed by the Civil Aviation Organisation, uses its own seven-star scoring system to rate around 450 airlines based on their safety record and the in-flight experience they offer travellers.
Some of the award winners included:

• Best Budget Air Carrier for Asia/Pacific: Scott

• Best Budget Air Carrier for the Middle East/Africa: Kulala

• Best Budget Carrier for Europe: Norwegian Air

• Best Budget Carrier for the Americas: JetBlue

• Best Business Class Experience: Cathay Pacific

• Best Cabin Crew: Virgin Australia

• Best Catering: Qantas

• Best Domestic Service: Qantas

• Best Economy Class Experience: Thai Airways

• Best First Class Experience: Etihad

• Best In-Flight Entertainment: Emirates

• Best Long-Haul Airline: Lufthansa

• Best Lounges: Qantas

However, despite winning three awards, Qantas was not actually voted best overall airline, and in fact, the winner does not feature in the list above at all.

Based on its brilliant staff, technical innovations, safety record, environmental concern and financial success, the winner of best airline was Air New Zealand for the second year in a row! The top 10 overall best airlines included:

1. Air New Zealand

2. Etihad Airways

3. Cathay Pacific Airlines

4. Qantas Airways

5. Emirates

6. Singapore Airlines

7. EVA Air

8. Lufthansa

9. All Nippon Airways

10. British Airways

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