Top 10 Cycling Destinations

Following on from our top tips for the perfect cycle tour, below are our top 10 cycling destinations to give you some inspiration!

New Zealand

A 25-hour flight from the UK, averaging at about £650 for a return journey, New Zealand is on our list for the amazing landscapes, wildlife and raw bush you get to see on many cycling tours around the country.

New Zealand
Most of the trails are off-road but you will always be able to find one for any age and ability.

We’ve found The New Zealand Cycle Trial who have a great website that you can find the right trails for you depending on experience.

Also, New Zealand’s official website offers a lot of information regarding cycling around the islands.


As I’m sure you can imagine, there are thousands of great cycling routes around America. The Adventure Cycling Association have a website full of information to help you out no matter where you are travelling to.


Depending on where you are travelling it takes approximately 8-9 hours to fly over from the UK, averaging about £350 per flight.


A bit closer to home, and still boasting amazing routes and landscapes, is Wales. Some of our favourites are the Elan Valley Trail, Heritage Coast and Lôn Las Cymru.


Manu routes are suitable for both novice and avid cyclists, but beware there are lots of hills!

For routes within the UK and Wales, Cycling Weekly brings you everything you need to know


The most famous place to take your bike here is the Atlas Mountains, running from the Atlantic to the Sahara and great for various grades of rider.

Destination-Atlas-Mountains-Morocco new

There are many lush green valleys, gorges and sandy beaches, all with stunning routes for even a beginner.

Exodus have many great trips on offer that you partake in if you are wanting to tick Morocco off of your list. The trips generally last 8 days with flights included, but if you want to book everything separately you’re looking at a 3.5 hr flight and around £350.


A favourite for many experienced cyclists, there are many rather famous routes you can take.

Cycle Canada are great and have all the information you could need.

Nova Scotia’s Cabot trial being one of them, with a 298km paved loop, this is not for beginners! Generally, it takes between 3-5 days to complete, but we won’t judge if it takes longer.


There are also routes such as the Newfoundland Trial, Saskatchewan’s Battleford Trial and Alberta’s Icefields Parkway to name a few.

It takes just under 8 hours to fly to Morocco costing around £700 for a return flight.

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