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Top ten essential items to pack when you go on holiday

when you start packing for your travels, I am sure many of us have go to the point where you have packed everything bar the kitchen sink, and when you try and lift your suitcase you can’t!
Below are ten essential items to pack – Apart from the kitchen Sink!

1 Passport

As you cannot go anywhere with out it, also check the expiry date as many countries require you to have at least 6 months left.

2 Tickets
Without these you will not get very far, although some airlines are now reaching a point where all they ask for is your booking reference.

3 Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can cover you for circumstances such as, cancellation, medical services loss of possessions, and remember if your taking part in an active holiday make sure you are covered for the particular activities especially winter and water sports.

4 Currency
Organise your currency before you leave, as some exchange rates at the airport are not a good exchange rate as you may get from your travel agent or the post office.

5 Driving License
Another essential item if you are wishing to hire a car or moped etc you will need your photo ID and the green paper part of your license.

6 Medicines
make sure you pack all of your medications, as the last thing you want is to be in a foreign country and not having your medication

7 Sun tan lotion
take a selection of different SPF factors away with you, depending on the strength of the sun whilst you are away, not forgetting after sun.

8 Toiletries
Don’t forget your Toothbrush!! although you will be able to buy most items away its handy and probably cheaper to buy them here.

9 Mosquito repellent
With malaria cases on the increase it is essential you wear insect repellent to protect yourself from bites and of course Malaria, also check with your doctor in plenty of time before travelling if you require any vaccinations.

10 A good book
When you eventually arrive at your destination what better way to start to unwind, than a good book

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