Couples Travel Insurance: Does it save Money?

One question we get often here at Holidaysafe HQ is whether it is actually cheaper to buy a couples travel insurance policy, and the simple answer is yes – if you and your partner meet the right criteria. To help anyone considering a joint policy, we’ve listed our top couples related FAQs and their answers below.


Who qualifies as a couple?

Different insurers may have different rules on what constitutes a ‘couple’, but under the Holidaysafe policies a couple is defined as two people (of any gender) who are 1) in a romantic relationship, and 2) have been living together at the same address for at least six months.

This ensures that only genuine partners receive the discounted rates we provide exclusively for couples. (Simply select ‘couple’ on the first page of our quote process to access the rates.)

What age do you have to be?

Age doesn’t really factor into our definition of a couple, but in general we have no upper age limits on our Single Trip policies, and can cover couples up to the age of 79 on our Multi Trip policies (depending on their destination of choice and the outcome of their medical screening of course).

What if one of us has a health condition?

That is not a problem; you just need to ensure the health condition is declared to your insurer at the time of purchase. Depending on the outcome of your declaration, the insurer may cover the condition for free, charge an additional premium, add a medical excess or even exclude cover altogether depending on the severity – if you’re in any doubt make sure you contact your insurer directly to ensure you’re both covered if the condition causes you to make a claim.

At Holidaysafe we use the specialist Protectif Medical Risk Rating system, which has been created to capture more detail about a customer’s individual circumstances and condition, allowing it to more accurately assess the risks and offer a fairer price.

Which destinations do you cover?

We cover travel to all destinations, except those deemed unsafe by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). To check the FCDO’s current rules on your destination, please visit our dedicated FCDO page. If you are travelling to a red or orange zone, click here to find out how we may still be able to help you get cover.

Can we buy annual cover and then travel separately?

Most Annual policies (now known as Multi Trip policies) can cover all the trips you and your partner take in a 12 month period – whether you’re travelling together or apart. Make sure you read through your policy wording to double check.

Further information

If you have any other questions not answered above, please feel free to visit our FAQs section, our Tips and Advice pages, or contact us. For more information on the cover Holidaysafe can provide specifically, and an award-winning couples travel insurance quotation, please visit

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