Cycle Activities to add to your Bucket List

If you’ve been well and truly bitten by the cycle bug, then why not update your bucket list with some amazing cycling themed experiences? From gruelling (but rewarding) physical challenges to adventures abroad, we’ve listed our top five favourite cycling bucket list worthy activities.


Take part in a Triathlon

Competing in a Triathlon anywhere in the world is the ultimate test of fitness and strength, combining swimming, cycling & running into one mammoth competition. Not only is a Triathlon a fantastic training goal to indulge and expand your sporting passions, but once completed you’ll have eternal bragging rights too. Join a local club to help get your training correct and on track.

Conquer the Hills

Hills are a true test of any cyclist’s fitness and character, so pick as many as you can with fantastic views and try to reach the top of each one. Start small, and then increase the challenge each time – the pain will be worth it for the satisfaction you’ll feel once you reach the top. The UK has some amazing cycling destinations, especially in Wales and Scotland, so start researching your next weekend challenge now.

Take part in a Race

Whether you choose to do a charity event against other cyclists or a sportive where you race against yourself and the clock, set yourself a goal and achieve it. Events happen around the world each year, so pick your favourite, book your spot and start training! Just remember to check your travel insurance before you depart, as mass start racing isn’t always covered, visit Holidaysafe’s dedicated cycling page for more information.

Ride a long distance trail

If you want to get outside more, perhaps with the family, then long distance trial riding is the perfect activity for you. The Tarka Trail in Devon is family friendly and spans Devon from the south to north coast, or you could try more challenging routes such as the Pennine Bridleway or the Mary Townley Loop. Plus, why stop in the UK? Start researching routes around the world and take in some amazing views.

Cycle in another country

Cycling in Europe is quite common nowadays, so why not set yourself a real challenge on a different continent? You could head to Australia, the USA, China or Thailand – the world really is your Oyster when you plan a cycling holiday, you just need to pick your destination, get your bike, pack a tent and head off! Just remember to invest in specialist cycling travel insurance before you depart.

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