Backpacker travel insurance

When students decide to take gap years or set off on Longstay adventures, the focus is usually on how brave they are, and all the wonderful things they will experience. However, people tend to forget the effect this type of trip can have on the parents left behind. This became clear when a member of the Holidaysafe Team announced that her daughter was going to spend the entire summer break coaching at a North American summer camp.

Obviously any parent would be extremely proud of their child making the decision to go to another country to help children, gain life experience, make friends and experience another culture. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t worry every moment they are thousands of miles away from home.

Like most parents and children in this position, they decided to sit down to discuss travel plans, budgets, itineraries, packing and travel insurance. This proved a great exercise, and here are their findings to help other families embarking on the same research:

. My first concern is that she will have adequate medical expenses cover if she is taken ill or injured and I have established that this element of her backpacker travel insurance will need to be least £1,000,000. I will be writing down the details of the 24 hour medical emergency service in the UK and putting it in her purse and making sure she has it in her mobile phone as well, just in case there are any emergencies.

. Then there is cover for her travel essentials, camera, MP3 player, clothes and more shoes than Imelda! Here the sums on backpacker travel insurance bear careful scrutiny as there are inner single item and valuables limits. I have discovered that often savings can be made if more expensive personal possessions are covered under the long suffering parents “new for old” house contents policy.

. Backpacker travel insurance can be kept to a surprisingly reasonable premium by opting out of the frills such as travel delay cover and curtailment. My daughter will have a revalidateable ticket from a reputable airline so if she decides to cut her stay short no extra expense will be incurred here and hopefully she will be catered for in the event of delays en route. All that remains now is to apply for her visa, essential these days for travel to North America and to work out how to fit all those pairs of 4 inch heels into her shocking pink suitcase and stay within the 20 kilo weight limit!

If you are planning on a backpacking or longstay trip this year, don’t forget to buy travel insurance. has specialist longstay and backpacker travel insurance from as little as 21pence a day.

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