Expert Tips for Planning the Perfect Golf Holiday

If you’re planning a golf trip, we’ve collated expert tips to ensure it goes without a hitch.



One of the first key parts of planning a successful golf trip is choosing who goes with you. It’s really important to get a good mix of people; you don’t want anyone who’s going to throw their clubs around the course in fits of rage, but you also won’t want to invite anyone who’ll drink all night long and then act like a zombie on the course (we assume).

Once you’ve finalised numbers, you can then decide; when you want to go, how much time you’ve got for the trip and what budget you have to play with.


Now you can start to research the best places to go at your time of year, and the top courses available. It’s really important to be flexible at this point, to ensure you get the best deal and itinerary available, for example many courses offer reduced rates for late morning and early afternoon tee times.

If you’re booking through a tour operator, they should be able to help you with these issues, but if not it’s also important to think about three things. Firstly accommodation, if there are a few of you going, you could save money by booking a villa instead of individual hotel rooms. Secondly, when booking flights always ensure you check their oversized baggage/sports equipment allowance, and any costs involved. Thirdly, always book or reserve places at your chosen course, to ensure you avoid disappointment.

Plan Time On and Off the Course

It may sound crazy, but if your schedule allows it’s important to book time on and off the course. Sometimes it pays to take a day to explore the local area, after all, golf courses are usually built in stunning settings, and a day to clear your head may improve your game for the last day!

Further Reading

If you’re planning a golf trip, just remember to invest in quality travel insurance to protect you, your trip and your equipment against any unexpected holiday disasters. Visit our golf travel insurance page for more information and a free quotation.

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